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Guerilla Betting System

by Eric Surya

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Guerilla Betting System
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Stop that losing feeling and   start winning money you truly deserved from your Football bets. Guerilla Betting System is a straight to the point "kill the bookie" guaranteed to fill your bank account with load of cash, Asian Handicap Football Betting System you have ever seen before. Discover how an Ex Bookie Runner previously broke after leaving the underground network, uses all the knowledge he has learned from his master to constantly rake in more than $23,000 in monthly profits from his football bets.

All punters are born to be a winner if they have the right knowledge before going into this trade and I am going to teach you all that I know about beating the bookmaker and this information comes from a man who has been there, seen that and done that during his 8 years stint in the biggest underground bookie network as a bookie runner.

If you are among anyone who is constantly contributing money to the bookmakers, you need this information to start winning. Continue reading...

Fellow Punters,

My name is Eric and I was nearly broke to the point of having nothing in my life, no car, no home to stay, no friends, two years after I left the underground network to come back to my hometown to lead a normal life.

I will not bore you with my ďhow I got brokeĒ story but you just need to know that all the information in this system, is purely written for anyone who wants to make good money from their football bets. This is the real inside information about football betting made by an ex bookie runner to give punters the extra advantage in their football bets. You don’t have to lose again with this system!

I have been in Hong Kong’s underground bookie network in Asia for 8 years and you can never learn to beat the bookie from anyone else except from someone who has been in the network before and seen first hand how their system was made to suck in all your money until dry.

Some facts You Need To Know

The system that I used to rake in more than $23,000 in monthly profit is something that I have came to learned and master during that period I was working. I have seen how their group of analyst and accountant work and came out with the odds for the game and distribute them to all other bookmaker network online.  I mean all the big betting house online!

Tell me where and how the big online bookmakers get their Asian handicap odds from? They have connection with the underground network I was with and let me tell you this thing and itís going to blow your mind. The online bookmakers that receive the odds from my previous network never lose any money. 

SO stop thinking and asking this question Ė will the bookmaker lose money if a system that punters come out is so good and thousands of them are using. They donít lose money because they have the top group of analyst and accountant working all round the clock to balance off their book. Only suckers like you lose money if you donít have the right knowledge or system that can help you win.

This is one of my betting account. As a professional punter, I have a few account to protect my investment.

Letís get straight down to business. Just answer these questions honestly.

Do you really think with your knowledge you can beat the bookie?
Do you lose more than you win?
Are you taking this trade seriously or as a charity?
Do you owe anyone money to get off paying the bookie?
Do you sleep well at night after betting on any game?
Do you get sick of losing your hard earned money to the bookie?
Do you live your life the way you wanted to?

I bet only one and sometimes two games per day and I am happy with it. At most I bet 5 games per day but only during weekend where there are a lot of nice games to bet. It took me a couple of hours every week and thereís no stress on me and I am still able to do other things in my life.

How would you like to make the kind of money I make in one day? .....

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