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Learn To Deal Poker Like A Pro

by Jason Spry

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Learn To Deal Poker Like A Pro
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Who Else Wants to Discover The Secrets to Dealing Poker Like a True Vegas Professional, Raking in up to $350 a Night? If you’ve ever wanted to discover the secrets to professional poker dealing, for a fraction of the cost of attending a dealer school (and while staying at home, for that matter!), then this will be the most exciting letter you’ve ever read . . .

Dear Friend,

My name is Jason Spry, and I’m the co-founder of both the Atlanta Poker Club, and  In just a moment, I’m going to show you the fastest, easiest way to learn to deal poker at casino standards and make up to $350 a night or more - best of all, you’ll never have to step a single foot out of your house.

You may be thinking that $350 in a single night is a little far-fetched, right?  Let me break it down for you . . .

A well-trained dealer can deal about 35 hands an hour, and receives tips (usually off of each hand) - at only $2 a hand and 5 hours work, you have $350 of cold hard cash sitting inside your wallet.

Whether you’re looking to deal for your friends, local tournaments, or under the bright lights of Vegas, this system has provided results time and time again, and it will do this for you.

From Dealer Training Student to Floor Manager in a Vegas Casino!

Take Jimmy Johnson, for instance.  After completing the Dealer Training program, Jimmy began dealing for our Atlanta Poker Club

Months later he moved to Vegas and landed a gig dealing in the 2006 World Series of Poker.

Shortly after, Jimmy was hired and later promoted to floor manager at the Venetian, and it all started with the Dealer Training program.

Let Me Share a Secret With You . . .

Aside from the fantastic income potential that poker dealing offers, it’s drop dead effective for improving your own poker play.

Not many people know that two-time World Series of Poker champion Johnny Chan, or Layne Flack (who has total winnings of over $4.2 million dollars as of 2008)  were professional poker dealers before going pro in the poker leagues.

In fact, in the 2004 WSOP No-Limit Event, all three players were former dealers!   Scott Fischman, a player in that game, even admitted to learning to deal strictly for the sake of improving his poker play (I’m thinking he didn’t mind the extra bulk in his wallet, either).....

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