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Home : Business to Business : Start Business : Make Money From Home With Vinyl Lettering

Make Money From Home With Vinyl Lettering

by Jami Wardle

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Make Money From Home With Vinyl Lettering
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"Discover How A Desperate Housewife Seized Control Of Her Life And Earned $4,684 In A Single Month While At Home With Her Kids!" Finally, here’s your chance to make $435, $1,293, even $4,684 or more…with only a 20-foot commute from your bedroom to your kitchen table.

Dear Frustrated Mom,

If you’re knee-deep in credit card debt, having trouble making ends meet, or just want to spend more quality time with your family, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

Because I’m going to show you how you can actually make money from home and get the extra money you need so you can live live life on your own terms.

But, before I tell you about an amazing opportunity that housewives everywhere are using to make up to $4,684 a month from the comfort of their own living room, let me tell you my own astonishing true story of…
How One Of My Hobbies Turned Into An Extra Income Stream That Changed Our Lives!!!

Here’s what happened: My world fell apart four years ago when my husband decided to pursue a new career that paid only a fraction of his previous income. Believe me, we weren’t prepared at all for shocking financial change this career move would make on me and our 3 little kids.

We had to survive on pennies a day, eating ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Believe me, I felt sick to my stomach and trapped in a situation I didn’t know how to change…

You see, I couldn’t bring myself to get a 9-5 job because I wanted to be with my children! Daycare simply wasn’t an option… and I’ve been out of the workforce for years and didn’t have any marketable skills.
In fact things became so desperate that… I Even Considered Working In A Daycare JUST To Spend Time With My Children!

Now what happened next was actually kind of a fluke. I had been to a lot of people’s houses and seen these cool vinyl letters on their walls, on signs and boards.

Have you seen signs like these before?

I thought that they were very cool, but then I found out what people were paying for their letters!

They were paying a few dollars for EVERY LETTER!!!

I couldn’t believe it! So I started doing my research.

* I learned about the machines (how much they cost, where to get them cheap, which ones work and which don’t and more!!!)
* I learned about the actual vinyl and how to "pull" the vinyl the right way
* I then searched all over trying to find sayings and quotes that people would actually buy

I spent MONTHS finding out exactly how to create these things and invested a small fortune but THEN I knew HOW to really create cool products with vinyl.

But there was one big problem… Knowing How To Make Vinyl and Making Money Were 2 Completely Different Things

I thought that after I had this talent that people would start flocking to buy from me. Unfortunately I was wrong.

I had spent thousands of dollars getting into this business, but didn’t have anyone that would buy my products.

Yes, I was very frustrated, so I went back to the drawing board and started to study and learn how to market my business.

I tried dozens of things (some of them were very embarrassing) but then one day it hit. I received my first order!

Then I started testing out a few more of the marketing systems that I was learning and in came a few more sales! It started to grow and grow until one month I actually made $4,684 working from home with my kids!!!

Not only that, but my friends started noticing that I was a lot happier. They saw that I actually had time to go out to lunch with "the girls"… and I could actually afford the babysitter!

In fact, my friend Jenny was persistent enough that… My Best Friend Practically Begged Me To Reveal My Moneymaking Secret!!

Now I want to warn you, that this is NOT a "get rich quick" plan. There is some work involved. But, as long as you can follow a PROVEN blueprint (more on that later), you’ll be making money in no time!

You see, what I have done is earned $435 - $4,684 a month, depending on the hours I’m willing to work. While I may not have gotten rich, I have made enough to make a significant difference in our lifestyle!

Believe me, there’s no other business like it. But, like any other business, there’s a "learning curve" before you start making profits. That said, having a proven blueprint for your creating your vinyl lettering business can enable you to shred months of trial and error (and wasted money!)

So what I’ve done is compiled everything I discovered over the past three years of creating vinyl lettering for profit. Through hours of hard work, testing, and failures (yes, there were some!), I created an ultimate "how to" guide you can use to get started with this easy-to-maintain home-based business.

Vinyl Lettering Secrets is the shortcut guide you need to start your vinyl lettering business without a hitch. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll have the ability to decide how much you want to earn and how many hours you want to work with your own decorative vinyl lettering business!

It will help you:

* Get Started. I will give you all the information you need to get up and going. Where to get set up, what you need to buy (it’s not a whole lot!) and anything else you need.
* Choose the right material. You’ll get a complete list of the materials you really need to run your business, as well as which ones you can skip! (it took me years to "figure this stuff" out via trial and error!)
* Create The Right Marketing Strategy. Here’s where you start bringing in customers! It’s relatively easy to fill your schedule with jobs once you implement this marketing plan. (Most people starting this vinyl-lettering business really fail at this step!)

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