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Home : Health & Fitness : Cure Acne : The Death Of Acne

The Death Of Acne

by Christian Carroll

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The Death Of Acne
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You have acne for the most simple of reasons -- because you have an imbalance in your body and your body is telling you that something is wrong. Simply acne is a warning sign. Your body is trying to communicate with you.

Acne Is Commmon But Not Normal...

Seriously, lets face the facts here. If you didn’t have acne then you wouldn’t be reading this page.

You’re here because you have acne in some way shape or form... And you’re tired of it! Your Tired of acne controlling your life...

Maybe you just developed acne... maybe you have been suffering for the last 20 years.

It doesn’t matter. Either way, you hate what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror... Or worse. You don’t even look in mirrors anymore!

Is Your Story Similair to mine?

When you started getting acne, you tried all the fad creams, gels, and face peels. You tried smearing an array of things on your face but nothing worked. You spent a ton of money and personal time trying to cure your acne and it never got better, in many cases it got worse!

You are desperate for something and you turn to the dermatologist. After months of waiting for your appointment all they tell you is that acne can only be treated. They instruct you to pop a bunch of harsh anti-biotics, and rub this face burning cream on a few times a day.

You are distraught, the pills and cream do nothing but leave you with the occasional stomach ache and uncomfortably dry and peeling skin. Your acne ends up getting better, then, worse. You avoid mirrors and sometimes stay in at nights because of a bad breakout. The emotional and psychological strain of acne, that I know all to well, starts to creep in and you are forced to except it for what it is and keep up with the prescriptions or fad products your on...

You buy all these worthless treatments and all you lose is the $50... $100... or even $1,000 in the long run.

If those products and treatments actually worked... you’d already have the vibrant, smooth, acne-free, skin you always wanted......

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