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Home : Health & Fitness : Fitness : The Fitness Model Bible

The Fitness Model Bible

by Eric Carlson

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The Fitness Model Bible
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How Would You Like To Know Secrets To Becoming An International Celebrity Fitness Model Superstar?

(These are the pro secrets that turn "rookies" into unstoppable fitness model juggernauts who are known throughout the world. Told by Eric Carlson who’s been there and is currently one of the top fitness models in the world)

 If you’ve ever wanted to experience the fame of being on the cover of fitness magazines and products with beautiful models beside you    then this is going to be one of the most important messages you’ll ever read.

Here’s why,

My name is Eric Carlson, and yep...that’s me in the pic above, doing an interview for ESPN after winning the title of "World’s Fittest Model" with Melissa Hall.

If you told me years ago that this is how my life would turn out...I would have told you that you’re crazy. But now my dream has turned into a reality...I’ve won 3 National fitness titles (America, World & Universe).

Now I am an internationally known fitness celebrity who makes appearances in numerous magazines, interviews, and TV appearance each month and every month like clockwork.

Is it because I’m special or have some magical gift? Of course not...I’m just following a system that consistently produces repeatable results. And when you know the system..."the game" actually gets pretty easy. (This is something anyone...even you...can do)

Tags: how to become a fitness model, body fitness model, fitness model training, man fitness model
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